Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Beast from the east

After spending most of 2017 building our new house we now need to concentrate on running the business to ensure we can pay for it

1st March tomorrow is our opening day for the 2018 summer season It's mid afternoon and won't get any warmer today - present temperature  - 3C -

Because of the weather I have spent much of this week persuading caravan owners not to visit to turn on their mains water as it will almost certainly freeze and cause inconvenience or expense - or both.

We will extend a warm welcome to all our customers but.....  maybe in a couple of weeks time

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

New House at St Michaels

This is the mobile home we have had for six  years

In late May we separated the two halfs and moved it to Wigley Orchard - leaving a concrete pad which had to be broken up and carted away and the site clear for builders to start work on 19/6/2017

  After  the first week the trenches were open and ready for concrete

 Unfortunately, the trench nearest the hedge did not comply with the insurer and had to be excavated a further metre deep. This led to the concrete pouring being delayed until 28th June.  We prayed for dry weather overnight as the extra depth of the trench was finding water. More water would have caused problems. Although it did rain - it was not much so our praying must have worked.
This is the story so far  - to be continued 
28June 2017 - concrete has arrived - and they are going back for more

4th July update

5th July update
Walls? + some concrete beams are here

Close of play on Thursday 6th July and the floor is taking shape

7th July 2017 -  after three weeks it looks like this.
The timber frame arrives shortly.

12th July 2017
It's beginning to take shape.
We can see the ground floor rooms and the timber frame arrives tomorrow

This is Sandra in her new kitchenn

13th July
The timber frame has arrived

14th July  - close of play week 4 and the walls are taking shape

18th July and I've been inside

19th July and the bedroom walls are up

Photos taken Sunday 23rd July 2017
and upstairs for my first visit

En-suite bathroom from main bedroom

main bathroom

second bedroom

Sandra's office

The ground floor with added insulation 

Photos dated July 29th 2017

7th August and the roof is taking shape

17th August and photo evidence of progress is slower
The screed has been poured this week so access to the ground floor is not possible  - but slates are beginning to show on the roof

Photo 22/8/2017 and there are more slates on the roof

And now we are getting on to the windows doors and internals

14th October 2017

The new floor in hallway

Ducting for heating systems

house without the scaffolding from south west

house without the scaffolding from north west

house without the scaffolding from north

15th October 2017

Guest bathroom

Guest bathroom

my bathroom

my bathroom

kitchen with some new oak floor in place

kitchen cooker plug + sockets

gable end and blue sky

front door